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An Innovative True PowerCITIC DICASTAL’s patent volume ranked seventh in China automotive industry

  China Automotive Technology Research Center and the intellectual property branch of China Automotive Engineering Society jointly issued the 2017 Chinese auto patent statistics recently, in which, China's auto patent publicity volume rank is announced. Among them, CITIC Dicastal is ranked seventh in Chinese automotive industry with the patent publicity volume 1255pcs in 2017. It is worth noting that the list is dominated by automobile manufacturers, of which, the sixth is Ford Global Technology Company, and the ninth is General Motors Global Technology Operation Co., Ltd.
  The patent volume is one of the most important criteria to measure the innovation ability of an enterprise. As of now, CITIC Dicastal has an accumulated 5051 patents in total. And it has become the leader of the industry after cultivating the light alloy processing for thirty years adhering to that innovation is a magic weapon for survival of enterprises. Nowadays, CITIC Dicastal has become one of the most active innovation groups in global auto parts industry, and even enters into the list of the most innovative automotive giants as an auto parts supplier.
          2017 Top 10 enterprises of China's auto patent volume